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Chester, Flintshire, Shropshire, Llangollen, Mold, North East Wales. Deeside. 


Welcome to my Website. My name is Monique. I am a female waxing therapist and i offer a wide selection of Waxing and Holistic Therapy Treatments here at my luxury home Therapy room just three miles from the centre of the town of Wrexham in North East Wales. I am located between home bargains Gwersyllt and Bradley. Which makes easy to get to from Wrexham Mold and Chester. For both Male and female Waxing clients. I also offer a range of holistic therapy treatments and sports massage. 

 but dont be put off by me working from a home salon environment.  as i have lots of Salon experience and used to run my business from a salon environment.

But i realised that most people felt more relaxed when waxed in a more comfortable and private Environment than in a commercial Salon. so i chose to leave the Salon a few years ago and start offering my treatments at home. In my luxury home therapy room. as client comfort and privacy are more important in my opinion. 

I have twenty years experience in the beauty industry and offer nothing but the best services to you my client.

 I Specialise in Waxing and i also offer some of my favourite Holistic Therapy treatments these are Aromatherapy Sports Massage and Reflexology. I am also a level three reiki master Teacher.I still offer these as i absolutely love doing Holistic Therapies. Although i am also a qualified Beauty Therapist and have qualifications up to level four. 

But i specialise in Waxing and i am very passionate about both Waxing and Holistics. people always love a specialist as they then know they are in excellent hands. 

 I also offer pregnancy waxing and pregnancy massage. 

For my Female waxing i am trained by Kim Lawless herself better known as the Wax Queen and i have also had training from Sam Marshall better known as the beauty guru. Sam has a client list of many Celebrities and has even been featured on both TV and Radio. Sam is also an Axiom trainer. 

These two ladies are two of the absolute best of the best Trainers. so you can be assured that when you choose me as your Waxer. you are being waxed to absolute perfection. so for silky smooth skin as smooth as babies bum so look no further. You have been waxed by the rest then look no further and get waxed by the best. I can honestly say I've probably performed thousands of Brazilian waxing treatments. 

I also offer great aftercare advice and have a selection of aftercare products for Retail that will help ensure that your skin is kept in tip top condition at all all great Therapists should do.

 i do a thorough consultation with each client to ensure that it is safe to wax you. so if you have any medical condItions then its important that you let me know prior to your appointment. 

I have also had training by Axioms Andy Rouillard and Jack Dunns London School of Waxing. this is for my male waxing. 

so you can be assured that i have had training from the absolute best trainers out there.  

More and more men are opting to have Waxing done. I offer an excellent service using a highest quality waxes available on todays markets.

Men are becoming more aware of there personal grooming. waxing has many benefits for men . 

I am also able to offer a full male waxing service. From bushy eyebrows to hairy toes and everything in between. including the more sensitive areas. i also offer male intimate waxing or male brazilian.
for my male waxing, I have been trained by Europes leading Male Waxing expert Andy Rouillard. At Axiom Bodyworks. so i am axiom certified. i am also certified by the Jack Dunns, London School of Waxing. 
Andy is an international trainer and has taught people from all over the world. He is affectionately known as the Wax Daddy. I always use a fresh spatula each time i remove wax from the pot as hygiene is really important to me. so i never double dip my spatulas. guaranteeing you a completely clean wax at all times.

The London School of Waxing is one of the best Training Academies in the World for all forms of Body Waxing and Jack has nothing but the absolute best of the best trainers teaching at his school. 

So i am both Axiom trained and London School of Waxing trained. You really cannot get any better than that. 

So i have been trained in both Jack and Andys Techniques to perform the Male Brazilian. so i can adapt to suit the best needs of each individual client. I have many years experience at performing male Waxing Services. 
For full details or to arrange an appointment. you can text or ring me on 07934645968 or find me on facebook under Nirvana Therapies Wrexham.

I have lots of great reviews. so feel free to check me out on Facebook or Instagram under Nirvana Therapies. So dont just take my word for it. The reviews speak for themselves.  



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